Brave doesn't quit properly/ghost tabs

Windows 10
Version 1.59.124 Chromium: 118.0.5993.117

I have every “run in the background” option disabled.

Brave refuses to quit properly. This is what my Task Manager looks like when Brave should be completely closed:

Since I have the setting enabled to clear cookies and site history on exit, I noticed those don’t get cleared either.

Using a 3rd party extension I was able to determine that when this happens, I have several windows with nothing except 1 empty tab on them that don’t show up through regular means. Closing them from this 3rd party extension allows the browser to shut down properly.

2023-10-29 11_03_03-Current Session - Session Buddy - Brave

I haven’t installed any new extensions. The problem started happening earlier this week.

To replicate this bug the browser needs to have been running for a while, but it doesn’t require anything special.

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