Brave doesn't process link requests correctly




I recently started using Brave Browser, but ran into an odd problem. Whenever Brave process isn’t running in the background, and you try to open a link, 2 seperate Brave browsers open up - 1 with an empty page and the other one with your designated link. Although, if the Brave browser is already running in the background, and you attempt to open up a link from any 3rd party source (documents, applications and other software), it simply just doesn’t do it, Brave does respond in fact and actually receives your request, but doesn’t do anything with it. Please note that this is Brave specific bug and can’t be reproduced with other Internet Browser providers and this is a completely new installation of this browser, but I have this problem since I installed it, so, yes, I am completely sure and aware, that this isn’t a OS flaw.

Here’s a gif representation for a better perspective:

Detailed Specifications:

  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate
    64 bits, Service Pack 1

  • Other
    4GB RAM
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU

  • Brave Browser
    Brave -------------------------- 0.15.314
    rev ------------------------------ 75ffa36
    Muon -------------------------- 3.0.202
    libchromiumcontent ------ 58.0.3029.110
    V8 ------------------------------
    Node.js ----------------------- 7.9.0
    Update Channel ----------- dev
    os.platform ------------------ win32
    os.release ------------------- 6.1.7601
    os.arch ----------------------- x64

How to reproduce:

  1. Make sure that Brave browser process is running (an open page on desktop)
  2. Open up notepad++ and use a random hyperlink, or try to open links from Skype, Discord chat rooms etc., or try to execute hyperlink commands from an aplication which calls them on specific cases (ads, button to website etc.)
  3. See the flashing icon of Brave launcher on the taskbar
  4. See that there are no new open pages on the browser

Martin E. P.


Hey Martin, are you still seeing this issue? I open links from Slack and they only open one tab for me.

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