Brave doesn't pay at all

Please explain why I don’t receive payment? and how i will fix it

Try reconnect your Uphold wallet?

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Per the message displayed on that page, the service is unable to communicate with Uphold on behalf of your account. Please click Continue to Verify to proceed.

I already verified it and I email also the uphold and they say my account is fine

Do you still see the Uphold message appear there?

what kind of upload message

The message in your screenshot; “We are having trouble communicating with Uphold. Try reconnecting.” Do you still see that message in your publisher dashboard? If so, have you tried clicking Continue to Verify and/or Disconnecting (then reconnecting) the connection? Please let us know what further actions you have taken, and what resulted. Thank you!

I have exactly the same issue but on my Brave Creator account. It was working fine before and stopped for no reason. “Continue to verify” redirects me to my Uphold account but nothing happens after that. My Brave Creator account still has issues communicating with Uphold.

I tried yo verified it and I also contacted uphold they said I am connected but I will tru to disconnect and connect again

Can you try clicking Disconnect instead, and then reconnecting? Thanks!

Looks like Disconnect worked out. Thanks!


Okay thanks I already disconnected and reconnect let’s see if it will work

Wait… People are getting paid for using Brave as their browser?

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