Brave doesn't open previousy closed tabs with Command + Shift + T when all tabs are closed


OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102)

Brave: 0.21.19
rev: f359e6ed2616360456945bff01bac707895fd651
Muon: 4.9.2
OS Release: 17.4.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Architecture: x64
OS Platform: macOS
Node.js: 7.9.0
Brave Sync: v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.162

- i. I started brave and opened multiple tabs.
- ii. I closed a tab and pressed Command + Shift + T and this opened the tab I closed in Step i
- iii. Then I closed all the tabs using Command + W (But Brave is still open)
- iv. When I press Command + Shift + T, The previously closed tabs don’t open.

Expected Behaviour: Previously closed tabs should open


I am attaching a video of this behaviour


If you could be a little more specific on your conditions I think the team could help with this a bit more effectively. For example just to learn more about what’s going on I tried:

  1. Started with an already open Brave window.
  2. Closed some tabs on the open Brave window.
  3. Can recover with Ctrl + Shift + T

  1. Started with an already open Brave window.
  2. Grabbed a tab from this window and dragged it away to create window #2.
  3. Closed some tabs in both windows while keeping 1 tab in each window.
  4. Can recover all closed tabs with Ctrl + Shift + T
    • Cannot recover tabs from window #2 in window #1 and vice versa.
    • I believe this is the root of your problem, the fact that Brave treats windows as independent browsing sessions.

  1. Start with an already open Brave window.
  2. Grab a tab and create window #2.
  3. Open some more tabs in window #2 and then close all of them.
    • Window #2 will close but Window #1 remains (is this what you meant by Brave is still open?)
  4. Cannot recover anything with Ctrl + Shift + T (only brings back closed tabs in Window #1).
    • Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T (Brings back closed window all together) doesn’t work either.
    • The above still applies even if you close window 2 via X button instead of tab by tab.

You’ve definitely found an interesting issue though as it occurs on my Windows machine as well. I’m going to CC @eljuno and see what his thoughts are and he can help decide who else needs to be CCed.


Hi @arthar360, thanks for reporting. I can not try to reproduce it since it seems macOS only. cc @LaurenWags to take a look. :slight_smile:


I have the same issue with the browser where once the browser is closed, the settings is set to re-open last window, but this doesn’t happen, unfortunately.


Hi @arthar360

Thanks for that great video! We have an issue logged for this - you can track the progress of it here:

Thanks for taking the time to report this issue and record a video. I’m going to link it to the logged issue.


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