Brave doesn't open new tabs for external opened websites


I think since the current WebView-Update Brave doesn’t open new tabs for new opened websites from apps like WhatsApp correctly.

For example:
I got some URLs e.g. in WhatsApp.
Then I want to open some links (one tab for one url).

Wrong: Every clicked URL will be opened in tab 1 and replace the old opened website/s.

Correct: Every clicked URL wi) get a new tab.
1, 2, 3, 4 […].
So it was possible to open some tabs and read them later.

I hope for a bug fix.


Please, also post your Brave version information from about:brave.


Same issue here. From any external program.
After clicking a link, the Brave pops up, but does not create a new tab or open the link.

ubuntu 16.04
brave 0.16.13 (set as default)

this is only when the browser is already open. Opening from a link works ok when Brave was completely closed. (- of course I always have it opened…)


I’m using Android 6 + Brave 1.0.24.


Experiencing the same issue ever since I use Brave on Android. When I open a link from my Twitter-App “Hootsuite”, no new tab is being created in Brave; the site opens in the tab that is already open. It kind of “overwrites” the already opened website with the new one from the link. Like sdtbluethink mentioned, there should be a new tab for every link I tap on in an external application.

Of course, you’re always able to check the browser history and choose and the website from there, but that’s kind of annyoing if you have to do this several times a day.

Brave 1.0.24, Chromium 59.0.3071.125
Android 7.1.2, Nexus 5X Build/N2G47Z

Hope this gets fixed soon. This is one of the few flaws of a great software.


Hi @lex,

I’m sorry for late reply. It’s a known issue. I added your comment to the GH issue and you can track the progress here:

Hope this one can help,
Thank you,

Can't open links direct from emails

Hi @sdtbluethink @peterjohn,

I’m sorry for late response. And thanks for reporting.
I’m moving this to #help-me:android-help-me category to make sure this thread is for Android.

Also cc-ing @LaurenWags for this.


This seems to be fixed right now. Every link I tab on in an application opens in a new (own) tab in Brave.

Brave 1.0.28, Chromium 60.0.3112.78
Android 7.1.2


I can’t confirm that the bug is fixed.
Everytime when I open websites from WhatsApp the current tab will be overwritten and I didn’t get a new tab for the url.

Android 6.0.1 + Brave 1.0.28


Is there any update?


I have the same issue on my iPad. I thought it was a setting I just had forgotten to configure. I use Brave for everything on my iPad that doesn’t require a specific app. I’m running 11.0.3.



I can confim too that the bug is not fixed.
-> latest brave on Android


WhatsApp has found the problem and wants to fix it in the future. With an next update, links from WhatsApp should get a new tab again soon.


First post in this forum so i trust I’ve go it right. I did a search of issues and after reading the posts here I believe my report should go in this thread. Basically, when opening links on a web page they do not open in new tabs. They always overwrite the existing page/url. I also looked for a setting i.e., “Open Links in New Tab” in Settings/Prefs and found no such option. Thanks

PS: Brave v.0.19.122 and on a Win 7 box.


Is this thread still open? Over a year and still no solution for opening an email link?

When I try to open a link in an Outlook email, (Desktop version of Office 2010) I get the following error:

“This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer, Please contact your system administrator.”

Links worked perfectly in Firefox browser before I uninstalled it.

I have Outlook disabled as well, so “Brave” has all the rights.

Please help me so I don’t have to go back to Firefox…