Brave doesn't let me fill forms as it is unable to fill captcha

Every time I fill forms an alert saying no internet connection. captcha failed pops up. But when I fill the same form using safari everything works just fine. I tried to ignore this and complete sign ups to different websites using safari then login to those websites in brave. But now the problem has become grave as my brave rewards wallet disconnected itself from my uphold account. Now when I go to reconnect it it leads me to an uphold log in page which is recaptcha protected. This is making it impossible for me to login. And since my account wasn’t linked I didn’t receive this months payment too , not even in my browser rewards wallet. I am using the latest version of brave on MacOsScreenshot 2021-08-11 at 10.45.37 PM

Well i did receive my this month’s bat tokens even though it was showing uphold as disconnected . But the captcha issue is a real pain . Please help to resolve it . I am using the latest version of brave on latest version of macos

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