Brave doesn't let me access my rewards, please help

I just tried to connect with Gemini and I got this, please help

I finally got access back to my Gemini account and I can’t link it;
what is going on? I clicked on LogIn, and I end up getting this error, all the time;

Okay? Looks like you’re in an unsupported region.

Btw, always helps if you can try to search before posting. Literally have questions and answers, including my PSA, which shows up if you had tried to search on Google.

There are also thousands of posts/comments and topics on Brave Community discussing this.

I am new to this forum, I usually do check but I didn’t know how to search;
Thank you for responding;
so my BAT is stuck? it seems that there is no way for me to withdrawal it…

That is correct. No way to withdraw. It is like this for many people., but you’re in one of the more

Search is done by going to search glassBrave doesn't let me access my rewards, please help - Brave Community - Brave 8_30_2022 3_56_44 PM

Then you type in your search and progress. It then allows you to sort in various ways.

Btw, I do regularly update a post, the PSA one, as we learn more. If you want to check in on it every once in a while, it will have updates there.

Btw, which country are you in?

Thanks for responding; I am from Romania; But Gemini says that they’re available in Romania on their webpage

Yet I get this error on both PC and phone;
why is this happening? is it available in Romania or not?

Yes, but as the resources I linked to you said, it’s Brave that stopped supporting. They are working on issues and are preventing people from most countries from connecting to Gemini or Uphold.

Also said in those links is they are working on adding countries again, but it’s a time consuming process as they have a lot of things to handle. They are hoping to add most countries back by the end of this year, but that’s not a guarantee.

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