Brave doesn't fill passwords immediately - please fix

Brave doesn’t fill passwords immediately
All other browsers (chrome, firefox, opera…) fill passwords immediately (on page load). Only in Brave you have to click password field, then select account, and then click “log in”. That’s very annoying, especially when is Brave set to always clear cookies so you always have to log in.
Developers said that’s for security, but this isn’t true because websites can’t see your password until you press “log in” or edit it.
I found flag “fill passwords on account selection”, but disabling (or enabling) it does nothing.
Can you please add option which would enable immediately password autofilling?

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Brave keeps dumping passwords even though I tell it to SAVE them. Example, disqus. When I go to the page I want to be automatically logged in, I don’t want to have to log in every freaking time I go to comment.

In the settings there is an option to clear cookies and whatnot, but you can’t UNCHECK those boxes and save those preferences. This is beyond annoying and it’s causing me to look for a different browser. I couldn’t care less about bit wallets or your rewards, I just wanted a browser that works as well as or better than firefox without the stalanistic demands that people’s speech line up with their marxist ideology on the internet.

Shape up, and fast, or I’m picking a different browser. One that isn’t based on a chrome(GOOGLE) product most likely.

Duplicate Brave doesn't fill passwords immediately - very annoying

Same for me, and after putting up with it for a long time, and two complaints, nothing has been done to fix it. I even had a reply, once, from a Brave tech, but after I responded back - heard nothing. This ought to be a simple fix, even if it is only on certain OS, or configurations, but everything I’ve tried, like you, has failed. Yet, Brave is silent. I’m searching for a suitable replacement also, but would rather not have to keep flipping browsers and all the hassle that it takes to get them up to speed. So I’m asking again, BRAVE, PLEASE FIX THIS! Brave does not save my log-on or passwords!

Use Bitwarden extension, first its top notch secure, autofills and saves passwords in thier cloud servers so its cross device usable. Brave password manager and sync is silly.

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