Brave doesn't download files

Sorry to chime in - I’ve just had this download problem happen to me on Windows 10.

Not sure if OP was using Webtorrent, but this is where it started for me. The torrent would finish downloading on Webtorrent, but like the OP i’m unable to download the finished file. Nothing shows in downloads but i do get the never-ending green bar going through the Brave icon on taskbar. (As if it is downloading something, but it isn’t)

Another small problem is after Win10 boot up. The first time i open Brave, it crashes everytime. (opens and then closes really quick.) - Works fine 2nd attempt.

When a torrent file is downloaded using Web torrent, the file itself isn’t actually saved locally unless explicitly told to do so. Clicking Start torrent simply starts gathering pieces of the file from peers and can subsequently be streamed in browser as it downloads.

However, these pieces are not being stored on disk – they’re actually stored in memory (RAM) instead and any/all data is wiped on browser close. If you want to save the torrent file, you must click Start torrent then the download button on the appropriate file.

If the second part of the above is what you’re doing, then further troubleshooting is needed, as well as further information. To start, you say that it started with Webtorrent files, which implies that it now includes additional download types – is that correct?

The second part is true. After the torrent reached 100% progress, I was unable to download the finished file locally. Pressing the little download arrow would not do anything except show the Brave taskbar icon illuminating green as if it is downloading. (Never ending)

I also believe this applies to downloading any file. I recall trying to download Bitcoin Core from the official website and in the end I just used Edge, as like above the download would not initiate.

I’ve yet to experience the issue again.

Downloads are set to desktop also, just to rule out user error :wink:

Can you tell and/or show me what happens when if you try:

  • Visit the official Brave website download the Media Assets package (just for testing, feel free to delete this after test is completed – basically just a lot of images)
  • Right click the image below and attempt to save the image to your desktop using the context menu (right-click):

Both downloaded to the Desktop, no problems.

Interesting – hard to tell if this is a issue with downloading files or with downloading torrent files (and possible narrower, only when using Webtorrent, which would make it a Webtorrent/extension issue).

Are there any other sites/files that you can confirm will not download as intended?

All downloads are working fine as of now, but when the issue does arise you can’t download anything from anywhere unless you kill the Brave process in task manager.

Them 2 files above wouldn’t of downloaded if I could reproduce. Sadly I don’t know how to or what triggers it.

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