Brave doesn't clear cache on exit

Description of the issue:

Brave doesn’t clear cache on exit.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Check all boxes “Clear browsing data” > “On exit”
  2. Close Brave
  3. Scan with Wise Disk Cleaner

Expected result:

Clean cache.

Brave Version( check About Brave):


Additional Information:

Support no longer responding to posts! Users see what is happening with Brave and its forum. Sad.

Hi @jaybird, we try to reply to every post we can but we are a tiny team and this is an incredibly busy forum. We’re currently in the process of scaling up our support efforts.

Are you completely closing / exiting Brave when you do this? Make sure there are no open windows hiding in the background. Can you test this for me again – go to, exit brave, and visit the site again and see if it shows that your cache was cleared.

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Followed your instructions. Image on test site never changes.

BTW, I only use one window per session in Brave. When I exit, I still find data with Wise DC.

Edit: I believe that the test site you referenced only works when clearing the cache manually, without closing the browser. I successfully did this with Edge Chromium and Brave. The issue with clearing Brave data on exit remains.

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