Brave doesn’t remember last Upload folder path

I am in the process of organizing and need to insert files into OneNote pages. Brave NEVER remembers the last folder I used and offers instead my home-folder. I have to find the folder again each time. This also happens with other sites that have upload functions, like, Google docs, etc.

I’m basically having the same problem as user slabo described in this community in Oct '21, so I copy his text (with corrected typos):

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to any website that has an upload file feature.
  2. Choose Upload file and navigate to the file location on your computer. Upload.
  3. Choose Upload again – it again shows you the home folder instead of the folder you previously used.

Brave should remember where I last selected a file to upload.
This is a standard feature in every other browser on my system: Firefox, Falkon, Chromium.

Should there be any connection, though I don’t know how: For downloads, I have set a fixed download folder, not to ask every time.

I have the same problem. Chrome does this just fine. Please fix this!

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