Brave does not work well with Hostwinds Hosting

I cannot use live chat with Hostwinds and my Hostwinds affiliate banners do NOT work on Brave! They work flawless on Edge I hate Microsoft and wont use Edge. Any ideas getting thee functions working using Brave?


Wondering, if you have you made adjustments, such as, at:

Settings >> Additional settings >> Security and Privacy >> Site and Shield Settings >> [scroll down toContent section] >> JavaScript



And there, have entries such as

And also made provisions at

Settings >> Additional settings >> Security and Privacy >> Cookies and other site data >> [Customized behaviors section] >> Sites that can always use cookies



I will certainly take a look!! Thanks for the response.

with these adjustments in javascript:

Live chat is working but no banner will work from hostwinds such as this one I have embedded:

Thats the banner not showing up!!

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