"Brave does not support our player" issue on 9anime.com

Whenever I try to watch Bleach on 9anime, zoro.tv, or 4anime, it tells me that Brave does not support their browser and does not let me watch.

  1. Go to https://9anime.vc/watch/bleach-806?ep=13927
  2. Enable Brave
  3. Try to watch any episode
    Error message appears.

Brave Version 1.46.134

Mobile Device: Motorola e6 Android 9; Build/PCBS29.73-109-6-3-6-12

Additional Information: This apparently is a running theme with sites like this. This is moreso just a heads up that it’s happening again. Hopefully you wonderful Brave devs can fix this issue with these guys.

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I checked another website that uses vidstream and all as well. 9anime.vc etc. (for me atleast the others work) is the only website it shows this.

Does the same happen when shields are off?
Also, do try in a private window and let us know what happens. Thanks.

Not a solution, rather a workaround, try mirrors from: https://9anime.me/. Like: https://9anime.pl/

Same thing for private window

Ye im not sure what it is but its not working on certain mirrors, others may be fake anyways so best to try on official ones. They seem to be working for me.

I have a workaround that I tried for now, try GoGoAnime. It’s not a complete solution, but it’ll work for now.

@MisdefyingGravity Well, guessing you put the wrong thing here. I know as others mentioned, 9anime.vc is not an official website. It’s a clone and is more likely to try to gather your data or cause harm. Your best bet on that would be to try from an official source listed at 9anime.me, such as 9anime.to or 9anime.gl

Then zoro.tv is not even a site from what I can see. The official site and link for them would be zoro.to and when I go there on any of my devices, videos play. (tried on Android, iPhone, and Windows)

All of that aside, I tested your specific link for 9anime.vc anyway and then went to zoro.to and here are the results:

As you can see, it loaded on all of them. The exception is showed Video not found! on Streamtape version of One Piece over at https://zoro.to/watch/one-piece-100?ep=2142

So testing on Android, all seems to work.

What’s interesting though is I just went to test on other devices. So it plays with absolutely no issue on my Android but not on my Desktop or iPhone.

@fanboynz Would you have any ideas what’s going on? Also, are we just now openly letting all sites know we’re using Brave now? I tried both with Fingerprinting on standard and aggressive. Kind of confused how it’s determining we’re using Brave when it’s saying can’t use the player.

This was happening at https://zoro.to/watch/one-piece-100?ep=2142

And yeah, this happens with Shields on or off. Then tried in Guest Window and it worked the same way.

Weird! Let my try using my exact same link and I’ll report back.

This is quite unusual. I’m getting different results for the same thing.

My guess is maybe since my phone is an older model it doesn’t work properly??? No idea.

Yeah, it’s unusual. I was hoping @fanboynz would have seen it today and been able to help on answers. Obviously been multiple to report and even though my Android was working, I was able to verify issue on my iPhone and Desktop. I tried Private window, Guest window, different Shield settings, and even went between Nightly and Release. All of which I experienced the same issue, of it saying the browser is not supported.

He sometimes checks on things over the weekend, so we’ll see. But it does now pose a few questions on how that works, especially as I mentioned about me worrying on fingerprinting.

Fix is incoming. Shields up needed, also clearing the cookies maybe needed.

Force an update brave://components Brave Ad Block Updater - Version: 1.0.130 and also try clearing cookies for 9anime (or other streaming sites)

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Thank you so much, it’s working now <3

hi the cookies didtn seem to work could anything else work?

Open a new topic @ashnbrad But this is fixed a while ago, just keep shields up.