Brave does not respect popups turned off

Description of the issue:

Brave become inaccessible and freezes on reddit due to popup that doesn’t always render due to brave not respecting privacy settings and still displaying a popup asking if I want tot leave the current page despite the fact that I turned popups off and consider this a security failure as well as an accessibility issues under the ADA because access to the browser via braille terminal or support app is impossible when this happens

Brave crashes and freezes and becomes unresponsive due to a popup even if brave has popups turned off, when a page has a hook to ask the user if they really want to leave the page.

Thing is this happens even if you have popups turned off, and it grabs focus anyway.

Enter text into the subject
How can this issue be reproduced?
Turn on brave shields and turn off popups.
Login to
Find a subreddit to post in.
Enter text into the subject of the new text, then click into teh textbox of the actual post, type something, then remove all text form teh textbox but leave the text in the subject field.
Click on the reddit logo to go back to teh reddit home page

The browser will freeze, and sometimes a popup will render asking if you want ot get away form the page or not, but generally the browser will simply freeze and stop accepting input of any kind and the only way you can exit this is to kill the process wit taskbar which is difficult because the popup is constantly trying to get focus, but since its not working, you cant just enter or click out of it, it just crashes brave.

Expected result:
I expect that popup to never be seen or triggered becauseI have them turned off.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:
This happens on reddit all the time and actively makes me trust Brave less; I hate this popup and want it off for every website, that’s why I turned off popups.

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