Brave does not remember if autoplay or password is allowed for frequented sites

I have been using Brave for over a year and love this alternative to the progressive browsers. I must be doing something wrong though as this is an on going irritant while using this browser with Windows 10. Brave does not remember my selections for remembering password or if autoplay is allowed for any of my frequented sites. I always select the check box for Brave to remember this decision, yet each and everytime I return to any of site, I am yet again nagged for this decision to be made. What am I doing wrong that Brave does not register my previous selections on this matter? I have made a search about this, but got nothing. Thanks for your reply in advance.

Hi @idaholtby,

  • Did this happened on different browsing session (close/quit-reopen Brave) or on the same browsing session?
  • Is only happens for autoplay and password?

Can you share your Brave version from about:brave? And share a screenshot of setting that you have under Preferences > Security > Private Data.


This happens on at least three different PC’s with Windows10. All run ESETNOD32. On each and every PC/Laptop, the settings are not remembered and are continuously asked, which negates the learning function of this browser. It happens with all options that can be remembered (autoplay and or password)

First, can you can provide your about:brave information.

For the passwords not being remembered, if you click the Manage Passwords... link in the screenshot you took above, are you able to see any of your saved passwords here?

You know what? I am done with this. Forget I asked this question. I feel like I am talking to someone in India who is following a checklist, only who then hands me off to someone in India who follows the same checklist. There is no way I am the only one who experiences this. No way. Please have someone who has heard of this issue respond with things to check that have fixed this issue in the past. It is entirely possible I am doing something that allows this to happen, be it my security settings or ESET NOD32. One of you must have heard of this scenario. This is who I need to hear from. PLEASE!

Brave and the people here in Community are joined in helping make the web a better place. There is absolutely no reason to throw around stereotypes and false assumptions here. There are guidelines for reporting things like this which you neglected to use, which may have avoid unnecessary “checklists”.

Something like this kind of sounds like the issue you’re having:

However, that’s from back in 2017 during the 0.20.x releases. Anything logged that sounded like your autoplay/password problem was from around that time:

So it would make sense to ask what version you’re using.
The easiest way to solve whatever issue you’re having right now is to ditch whatever build you’re currently using and grab a copy of Brave Beta - it’s 100x better and I can guarantee you this problem isn’t present there.