Brave does not Open from Taskbar, only if I click a URL and set Brave as Default (windows 10)



Similar to a report back on 2018/2/17, my Brave Browser, (which I was using just fine for a few days and absolutely loving) does not open at all from the task bar, task manager, or any other way that I know how.

The only way that I can get it to open (and even then only sometimes) is if I open a link in email and Brave is set to my default.

The odd thing is, it appears as an open app on my task bar, and I can hover over it and see that there are many tabs open, but I when I click or do anything else I cannot make the browser expand and actually be visible. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling both 32 and 64 bit. I’m running Windows 10. I love this browser and do hope it works. Thanks all for your help and effort in creating this in the first place!


Hi @Parkerlewis,

It something like the window is hidden or out of screen. Are you able to maximize the window? Could you try pressing Alt+Space together and select M and use arrow keys to move the window into the screen?


Dude. I am so embarrassed. This worked, it’s back.WOWOW Thank you! I’m so happy and also laughing at myself. High five. Hug. Hope you have a rad day. Really appreciate it, thank you!

Should I take it down or mark it resolved or something? Basically, can I do something on it to be helpful since obviously it was me that is dumb vs. there being a legitimate issue?



Thanks for confirming @Parkerlewis and glad to know it works for you. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if it’s an issue with Brave or Windows itself. Let me cc @sriram.



I think its an issue with Windows positioning if there was an external display that was connected and System was shutdown when Brave might have been in the extended/secondary display. @Parkerlewis Did you happen to have Brave open in extended/secondary display after which you saw this issue?


I did have an external display. I’ll chalk it up to that being the issue, and now I know to maximize the window. Really appreciate the help of you both — embarrasses the root problem was on me the whole time! :wink: loving the browser… thank you both!


No worries. Glad it worked. Will close the thread for now. Do open a new thread if you face any other issues.

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