Brave does not open after update 0.19.95


I have Windows 10 and after the lastest update that came in a few hours ago (I saw this in the Squirellsetup file), Brave does not open/launch.
When I open the taskmanager while executing it does show 2 processes of Brave open for 2 seconds and directly close them.
When i try to update Brave again, I get a prompt for less then a second and it closes. The only thing it mentions in the Squirellsetup is this: 2017-11-16 20:44:50> Program: Starting Squirrel Updater:
Nothing happens after that. Restarting the computer did not solve the problem, still cant open Brave.

Any workarounds or hotfixes?

Thanks for looking into it, will use a diffrent browser for the time being…

Update: found a workaround: I opened the folder of the previous app update (.88) and open Brave.exe there.
Also found these entries in the squirellupdate file of the .88 update:

2017-11-16 21:14:44> ApplyReleasesImpl: Found partially applied release folder, killing it: C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\brave\app-0.19.95
2017-11-16 21:14:44> IEnableLogger: Failed to install package to app dir: System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Local\brave\app-0.19.95\Brave.exe’ is denied.

Dont know why acces would be denied, the folder of the .95 app is also empty but the brave.exe file

Latest update: after another update came today, after that it works fine.


Today came another update, works fine now. You may close the topic!

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