Brave does not even open


I looked for this issue here but did not find similar posts…and solution…

I can not understand it…I never faced such issue with any other software.

Brave browser does not open. It automatically close just after few seconds. I could not even see the browser and try to put web address to see how it works…


This is my thing as well. Went to bed this morning at 2 am est with it working now its 6 hours later and its not working. It wont open. I restarted my computer multiple times and nothing works. I click the icon and get no response from at all. It doesnt even show a process starting and failing in the task manager.

OS: Windows 10 Pro


Please update to 0.23.79 (you may have to grab latest from and see if this resolves the crashes your experiencing.



Thanks now it worked.

Its installer is totally different and created no icons. (desktop and menu)


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