Brave does not count rewards from tabs that gives you rewards


So I have this issue since I started using Brave, about a month I think. I am very patient so I thought it would solve itself, hints why I have waited so long to report.

My issue is; I dont gett and see any Brave Ads since day one, but I have never recieved any rewards of BAT at all according to the icon on the browser.

How can this issue be reproduced? LQTM

  1. Activate Brave Ads and all settings anddtoggles for it.
  2. Wait to recieve ads in the notification section, and or use Brave and see them on the homepage and new tab pages.
  3. Look at the result; nothing will be there if it happens to you too, “0 Rewards”.

Expected result: To actually recieve rewards?

Brave Version: The latest Android version

Mobile Device: Samsung Galaxy A70(EU)

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