Brave does not clean all cash

Hi I am a web dev and I was trying to fix my website to redirect from non www to www and I used Brave for debug. I noticed that when I clean all browsing data stil keeps some logs because I change the rules to my website at .htaccess but brave did not refreshed. Just saying If someone can check feather it would be a good idea.

Hi @joyNstay, can you check in other browsers to see if it’s loading as you expect? It could be server-side caching as well.

Also try right-clicking on the refresh button for a “clean reload” option.

If you are a web developer, I strongly recommend you taking a look at the current BETA browser at Download Brave Beta | Brave Browser. The dev tools are much better than in the current product and should be at total parity with Chrome’s de facto standard dev tools.

We will be moving from BETA to full release in the very near future (within the week or next)!

I tried Opera and Mozilla and worked as expected. I will try Braves dev tool but this bug make me lost 2 hours of my life trying to find error to my website :stuck_out_tongue: . I really like Brave and I would really like to see it at the same level as mozzila and chrome.