Brave disconnect internet while using Youtube

Hi, I have a very strange issue with brave disconnecting me from my internet connection when watching Youtube videos. So I need to go to network and internet settings,run the troubleshooter and make it work again over and over again. I Believe it to be brave because I have tried everything when it comes to network drivers, resets, checking the router, cables… No other device on my home network have issues, wired or wireless and I don’t get disconnected using Chrome.

What to do?

Wired Internet Connection
Brave version: 1.16.76
Windows 10

Are you sure it’s not your internet provider trying to get you to use less data?
If it does not happen when using a vpn, then it’s likely them.

It only happens using brave and youtube. When I play youtube videos on Firefox or chrome the internet doesn’t crash. I have fiber 1000/1000 so why would my ISP want to reduce the amount of data I use and then why doesn’t it happen on any other device?

Hmmm, if you have multiple computers on the same network, do they lose internet too?

Only my computer, maybe I should re-install brave. Only scared to loose all my bookmarks. Can I save my browser settings even If I re-install?

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