Brave development version:congratulations!


A message to write “a big thank you to the developers!”

A long time ago I tried Brave and I was disappointed that Brave does not support the installation of Chrome extensions, I did not keep Brave because of that.

I just discovered the development version and it’s a success, I love it! I validate!

thank you again


Which extensions did you try out?

Did you also happen to import bookmarks and did it migrate properly? I ask because I wanted to ascertain whether it fixes issues like this Imported bookmarks from Firefox don't map correctly to Brave's bookmarks, which have been a longstanding issue and figured it may just be best for everyone to jump the bandwagon to 0.55.x

@Numpty, works like a charm :slight_smile:


I just wanted to chime in and say thanks for the dev builds! The latest version both looks and feels really solid so far. The option of installing Chrome extensions is great, now I can finally apply my custom adblock filters again. :smiley:

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