Brave developers need to do better .. for real!

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first i am not one of the team or anything related to brave

but just imagine yourself as that developer and someone talk to you in such attitude i am sure you would kick him in the face

more over you did not explain what the issue or the feature you ask for

stop talking to employee or customer service as if they were born to make all your dreams come true or thinking you the only one in universe that know the best way for any thing


This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

i could also do without the attitude, jiigga.
that said, i was just looking back through my previous community posts and i also notice that none of my requests have been addressed. .
i want to live in this browser, but if i can’t do basic stuff like turn off the photos that i am sick of seeing every time i open a new tab, or have my custom news sync across my devices, – well, i just don’t see why not.
if the issue is that all the security stuff (or some combination of stuff) is keeping everyone hoppin’, then okay. i would understand that. but you gotta say something.

sure nobody care about me that why you still did not get official reply :joy:

you said

so which device or platform you want brave to be available
for cause it already on ios mac linux android (also has apk in case you use custom rom) windows

stop crying little girl that hurt my feelings looks like you who need babysitter :joy:

enjoying to annoy you more to get your best attitude :joy:

no please keep going :sob:

get lost :joy:


i just read your old post it better to create new post and make it under the feature request category so more user can vote for it and the more vote you get the better chance it will be implemented

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile: