Brave Dev is keep crashing as soon as I launch it

Brave Dev v80.1.5.86 is crashing as soon as I start it.

Description of problem
I had been using Brave Dev v80.1.5.86 just fine until today, but suddenly it’s crashing. What happens is that as soon as I launch Brave Dev and I see the browser window then it crashes immediately. It happens every time and even after restarting the computer the problem persists the same.

Possible Cause Of Problem
I have no idea, it was working fine until this morning. I’m not sure if it’s the cause but after windows restarted (Windows 7) and checked the hard drive for consistency, then error checking had maybe deleted some files from the same drive where Brave Dev is installed. So just maybe the error checking had deleted some of Brave Dev’s files.

Desired Result
I want to use the latest release build of Brave and I’ve already installed it (it’s Brave v1.2.4.3). Now I want to migrate all my extensions, settings, cookies, form data, saved passwords and all bookmarks from the malfunctioned Brave Dev into the latest release build that I’ve installed but I have no idea how to migrate these things into the latest release build.

Additional Details
These extensions in Brave Dev among other extensions are my sessions saver extensions with a long history of sessions, so these sessions are important to me and I’m mostly concerned about migrating these to Brave latest release build. I would like to migrate all extensions along with their settings, all bookmarks and preferably also cookies, form data and saved passwords into Brave latest release build.

Devs, you might wanna have a look at this thread

there are also issues mentioned with the Beta browser

Now it doesn’t matter anyways because my whole boot hard drive is crashed, I’m usining my cellphone to write this reply.

Thanks for the reply.