Brave Dev is excellent with chrome addons but what addons you use?


With firefox, I use https everywhere, privacy badger, ublock origin for security.
Using these addons with Brave Dev make sense or not?
I know https everywhere is already included in brave, cookie management and adblocking too.
So using https everywhere, privacy badger and ublock origin is overkilling brave?

But as of now I need to use privacy badger or ublock origin to stop webRTC leak because Brave Dev doesnot have control over webRTC leak as Brave regular.

What other addons you use right now in Brave Dev? Please add here.
I use bitwarden, stayfocusd and decentralyses too.



HI @nellaiseemai,
Regarding your concern about webRTC, an issue logged to bring the setting to brave-core.


Preview and list of custom filter

I use the following extensions:

  1. the extension of my download manager AntDM
  2. to show passwords in the input fields (default, hidden);
  3. paste and open all URLs simultaneously in each tab;
  4. copy the URL with or without the title of all open tabs (or only one tab);
  5. inFormEnter+ to fill in forms via the context menu or via a button to select a text;
  6. an extension that displays the flag of the country of the website;
  7. a speed dial, (when is a real speed dial in Brave?)
  8. an extension that stores the written text in the input fields ;
  9. to translate text;
  10. converts text links to a clickable link.

in Vivaldi, I also use an extension to block ads