Brave Dev does not show ads, but it is on in the menu



1)Brave Dev 0.60.4 Chromium: 72.0.3626.17 (Official build), dev (64 bits) it has the function of including ads, I turned it on, but unfortunately I didn’t see any ads put 5 ads per hour, but I don’t show ads for tokens I wanted to know why?
2)The second thing I wanted to say is indicated in the picture, about the figure is figure 3, but why?
3)Why does the Grand of October 22 hang on and the button is not pressed?


Do you have an external adblocker installed, here from the Google Chrome Store?


Of course not, the list of extensions is also empty


Are you sayin that you when you browse with Brave Shields down you think ads are still getting blocked?


Mattches probably you don’t understand something, I’m talking about the functionality of your browser, as Asad Syed (Brave Software) told me in a letter that this is just an interface, this function is not yet active, you would not be able to answer when this function will be introduced, date or month or what version of the main browser, now it is 0.58.18.

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