Brave Desktop Data Location - Ubuntu 18.04

Description of the issue: I uninstalled the Brave Snap package, and all my data was removed with it! I’m curious how I can restore this data from a full system backup into a manual install of the Brave Browser.

Also, I’m curious how to “install” the manually downloaded Brave binary, so I can set it as my default browser in Ubuntu.

Thank you so much!

Snap installation is not official and is community maintained which is not upto date. Please install from official Brave source list. You can find instructions here.

As far as your browser profile data goes it should be inside /home/<user>/snap/brave/59/.config/BraveSoftware

I would suggest you do the following

  1. Install via these instructions
  2. Open Terminal and run brave-browser. Close the browser
  3. Run the following command rm -rf ~/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/
  4. Run cp -r /home/<user>/snap/brave/59/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/ ~/.config/BraveSoftware

If you are not comfortable with command line. Just do it manually by deleting the profile folder in ~/.config/BraveSoftware and then copy from snap folder to .config folder

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Thanks! So I got it to install, however it isn’t showing up as an option for the default browser, nor is it appearing in my menu of applications. Could you help with that?


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