Brave desktop browser don't show any ads

I manage to make Brave appear on notification settings, still no ads. I tried everything according to what your team said except for this:


Can’t locate the “PushNotifications”. Can you please teach me how to manually find and edit this. thank you.

If before all this you were receiving ads, try creating a new profile, i’m receiving ads since today on new one while in old one is still not showing any.

Yo tenia el mismo problema, lo solucioné creando otro perfil. Hagan la prueba a ver si funciona para ustedes.

I had the same problem, I solved it by creating another profile. Take the test to see if it works for you

I did it in a such way:

Navigate to “C:\Users[your user name]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default” on the PC with the working browser.

I found out that there is no ads_service folder, So I just created it and then restarted the Brave browser. After that I started to get ads. If you later look inside of this folder you will notice that Brave created different files inside.

Hi everyone. In my case, this issue starts when i opened my wallet in uphold and i receive the payment. After that i didnt receive any ads. I also have brave in other pc with no wallet configure on uphold and i still get ads. I think there is a problem with the certificated wallet

Im not getting any adds either. It’s been like this for months.
I got a couple the first month or so, and never again.
What can I do? anyone?

Hello everyone, in this link [Big surprise, ad notifications are absent (potential temp fix?)] and other answers in this post is the solution, replace the “client.json” file, you can create a new profile and in the folder of that created profile will be the ads_service folder, within this the client.json file, copy it and replace the previous one, when the advertisements stop arriving, go back and replace the file again.

So far it’s working

Hola a todos, en este link Big surprise, ad notifications are absent (potential temp fix?) y otras respuestas de éste post está la solución, reemplazar el archivo “client.json”, puedes crear un nuevo perfil y en la carpeta de ese perfil creado estará la carpeta ads_service, dentro de ésta el archivo client.json, copialo y reemplaza el anterior, cuando dejen de llegar las publicidades, vuelves y reemplazas el archivo de nuevo.

Hasta los momentos está funcionando

Same problem! I did nothing wrong but cannot solve it either…

Hello everyone, its been around 2 months since i downloaded brave on my mac, and i still don’t receive ads and have tried everything, such as enable google push notifications and such but yet nothing seems to work, apparently if you don’t go in full screen mode the ads appear in mac os which is very inconvenient, any solutions?

same here, again and maybe forever… i really don’t know the reason, but i have no answer, no solution. i think it’s gonna finish for everyone

you will recieve if there are ads in your regien

That website has been mentioned several times in this thread. Well, it has nothing to do with Brave notifications. That website is about web (HTML) notifications, while Brave uses system (OS) notifications.

PS: if you guys want to get rich with Brave ads, I guess you are on the wrong track.

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Plain truth.

I get very few ads as well, but I don’t complain. That’s the way it is.

Does your truth vary with devices like Android & Windows? Cause receiving ads fine on my android but, not receiving that amount of ads in my windows 10 laptop. 1-2 ads per 5-6 Hrs on my laptop with value 0.01 BAT. :roll_eyes:

No, I don’t get ads anywhere.

No “PushNotififations” in the registry here, either. Maybe it’s a Win10 thing. (I’m using Win7.)

Guys i think i found the solution…

I now get all notifications :
1 : go to
2: click on authorize
3: click on show
4: i had nothing - no notification

the solution for windows 10
1: on the bottom right side of your screen - right click on the notification center
2: concentration assistant
3: choose "desactivate

now do step one another time and you should receive ads notification :slight_smile:

hope it’s gonna help

Can you do that to me too?

hello, i want to ask, i receive some ads in my history but only few ads are triggering the notification, example : out of 10 ads recorded in ads history, only 2 ads are clicked, the rest are viewed. because there is only 2 notifications pop up

Hey @everyone

I have this issue, 10/13/2021. It occurred after I tried to recover old user data, aka, messed with files in the APP DATA folder, blah blah blah…

I am going to assume, this has nothing to do with Win 10 notification settings, but - I think it has everything to do with the current installation/preference files or config files…, I am going to reinstall, and restore my data using sync & standard methods and reccomend those who have this issue do the same.