Brave desktop browser don't show any ads

Hello everyone. Try this simple tool:

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Tool and its popups work but makes no difference with ads. The only way to make them show is to log off and log in instantly and then the ads pop up shows, thats it.

I tried, no difference (i see the allert message test, but no one ad)


i have same issue as everyone here no solutions seems to work. Actually i can’t even find app data ahaaha anyway

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I found a website tutorial that work,… Just togle turn on and off,… use the push notification to test it out, the push notification also in on this site. Problem is that I cannot post the websites here.

can you guide how paste this
solution on part one in the
windows 7 power shell

does part one work if i not have
file client lastpage

no ads for almost 2 months.
Also my “Client.json” file doesn’t have any of the text mentioned here.
(lastPageClassification and lastUserIdleStopTime)

i reinstall on my pc brave version 1.11.104 now but
also no text in file client.json

before jule 2020 i have ads

do you have any solutions

First of all, I want to say hello to everyone.

I’ve had a problem since the second week of July this year. I don’t get notifications with ads. I have 5 ads set by default for 1 hour. No matter what time I use Brave, I don’t get any notification. Before July, there was no such problem. If I remember correctly, I got 1 notification on the night of Polish time from July 31st to August 1st. And that would be all.

I wouldn’t have written if I didn’t think something was wrong.
I have a verified uphold wallet and I reinstalled my browser and reconnected it with my uphold account.
Additionally, I followed the help in this topic: Please I not get Brave Ads.

Nothing helped.

I don’t want to point the finger at anyone, but reading the forum I have the impression that many people have stopped receiving notifications at the same time.

I read many have this problem. There are those who have stopped receiving ads (while receiving them before), and those who have installed the program in the last 2 months like me who never received them.
I don’t think it’s a computer configuration problem (I installed it on 2 windows desktop, 1 notebook and 1 smartphone, and I tried every mentioned solution), this is a software problem.

ps. since this month I have stopped receiving ads even on my smartphone, I believe that I will wait a few more weeks after which I will remove the software from all my devices.

Yes! Thank you very much! After I did that I could see Brave in the windows 10 notification settings. Haven’t gotten a notification yet but not much time has passed yet.

Ohhww, after restarting my laptop I have been receiving ads from brave desktop browser.

Have you received an ad yet?

trying to use your solution

Thanks to trying different methods I finally got my ads to work idk which method it was tho. I know I set brave as my default browser they may have been part of it. It my notification bar in the lower corner was something that said expand when I expanded I noticed focus assist was lit up and said alarms only. I clicked that and turned it off. There are so many rabbit holes to go down with this issue but finally I have received a few ad notifications hopefully it continues to work and keep sending ad notifications.

Hola Comunidad. Estuve leyendo todas las conversaciones y probé todas las posibles soluciones. No obstante ninguna me funcionó. Alguien lo solucionó para windows 7 (x64)?

I found a potential temporary fix that only works if you for some reason backed up your Brave browser files back in April or so. I go into more detail on a separate community post:

No ads from a month on PC. Please fix this issue soon…

Another update and still not fixed.
And they ruined the brave://rewards-internals/ . Can’t show log neither download full log. They don’t fixed it and don’t let us see the logs to try to find what’s wrong.

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You’re right… my brave://rewards-internals/ is broken too after the update. Now after the last three updates the browser seems to went more and more wrong. :frowning:

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I had the same problem. Since the beginning of August no more advertising.

But when I read here (your message) that there is an update (I overlook this very often), I made this yesterday. And since this morning I get (strangely enough) advertisements again and the counter for “outstanding payment” counts BAT again. But the advertisement is not quite correct. There are too many BATs displayed, I think it is because it did not reset to 0 after the last payment.

me too. no new ads since 10 days / 2 weeks on my mac and on my android

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Did y’all tried this?

Since I did this my ads keep coming and i recieive BAT’s