BRAVE Deposit to gemini

i have a claim today and i withdraw it using Gemini wallet …but sad to say my withdrawal from brave ads not credited in gemini wallet and deduct and become zero in the brave profile … what is the problem ?? im to exited bto withdraw because first time i got 3.5 bat …but sad to say the bat token not credited in gemini …plese help me for this issue …thanks and more power

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how long ago did you claim? When I claimed it took about three hours before it showed up in Gemini. Similar to you, on the new tab page it showed immediately that I received my BAT, but maybe 10 minutes later the BAT I earned disappeared from the Gemini display in a new tab. I kept an eye on that amount, and three hours later I noticed the amount increased, and then I verified in Gemini app, and my BAT was there.

Long round about way of saying please give it some more time.

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febuary rewards and i claim it today …but i wait almost 3 hours before i decided to come here and i already make an email from gemini and Gemini staff response that its better to contact brave …

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