Brave deposit issue with uphold


i have a problem with uphold they say my account is fully verified but it’s not. i have submitted all legal documents. when i login into brave rewards it also says uphold account is not fully verified. when i log into uphold account it also says my account is not verified but 3 times uphold support team told me my account is fully verified. WTH

they told me to refresh the web browser but i have tried refresh / clear cookies & history even i tried with 3 different web browsers. problem exists. why the only solution is uphold for brave reward their service is not good. how do i claim my fund?

1st time contact with uphold support team

2nd time


3rd time



Can you try disconnect and reconnect your Uphold account with Brave Rewards?

cc @Asad in case there’s a known issue.



hello @eljuno i tried it doesn’t work. now they are saying a different story. before they said, my account is fully verified now they are asking me to upload a different government issued id. wait what! i only have only one government issued id. so this is a dead end. i can’t get my brave rewards. this is the last email from them.


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