Brave deletes my extension settings

Description of the issue: Brave is reinstalled with fresh windows installation, installed and configuring extensions, after a while i reopened brave and the extensions were installed but no settings were saved. Tampermonkey said that “Detected inconsistencies that indicate that your browser wiped the extension database!” Bookmarks and passwords are still okay
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. install extensions
  2. close browser for a while

Expected result:
Extension settings wiped out

Brave Version( check About Brave):
I used 1.56.9 and 1.56.11 x64 Windows 10
Additional Information:

I installed librewolf with same extensions and everything is fine, just happened on brave atm, i’m going to test with another chromium based browser, but i don’t want to replace brave, any help would be very appreciated, thanks!

Well, compare Librewolf to Brave is kind of pointless, Librewolf is not even a Chromium browser, you have to compare it to Edge.

Or go to “%localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings” directly and check to see what could be wrong about it, monitor it and see what could be the issue.

As that folder implies, it is the one in charge of Extension settings.

And just to make it more evident how that’s true, you can for example install extension, change their settings settings around, then close Brave, delete every other folder, open Brave which will open as a new Profile, then reinstall those extensions and the settings will be the same.
In my case, I just deleted every folder and file in User Data but \Default\Local Extension Settings then I opened Brave, installed Tampermonkey and all the scripts I installed were there, not enabled because of some security thing, but you only enabled them and clicked on ‘reinstall’ and done.

Or better yet, a way to do it without userscripts getting disabled and "it just working’ by having the extensions in the same state as before:
Remove everything but Secured Preferences and Local Extension Settings, then rename LES to something else, when you open Brave, the extensions show as installed but with an error since they don’t exist in disk anymore, so you have to go to Brave://Extensions and click repair, then you close Brave, and replace the new Local Extension Settings with the old one, and when you open Brave, Tampermonkey will have all the scripts installed and enabled correctly, just as they were before.

So that shows that the “LES” folder will control everything about settings, and the secured preferences will just make sure things are secured and not enabled if they don’t match information. There is a Protection → Extensions inside of it with some decoded or encrypted key to do that, but as you can see, not all settings get disabled and they still stay the same even if some information changes about the user.

So you should monitor Local Extension Settings and see what is going on. as far as I know, nothing inside the Browser should remove that, and nothing should touch that unless you ‘factory reset’ extensions or or remove the extension or the extension has to be repaired.

So it is weird it is happening to you.

Maybe some third party program is causing it? because the only time this might happen is if Disk was failing or the computer shutdown and then it broke something about the User Data or if a third party program was messing with it.

Hi! Thanks for replying!

I know comparing libre with brave is pointless, i just threw it in as an aditional information just in case someone more experienced than me needed that tidbit of info to exclude disk failure, but i knew that was a longshot, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue:

SSD is brand new btw, and the only software with issues is brave extension settings, so i think it might be a third party software as you pointed out. The only thing that i have installed that interacts with extensions is Internet Download Manager because it automatically installs their extension, so, i’ll keep an eye on the local settings folder (Didn’t know where it was, ty also for that) and i reinstalled the extension manually instead of the program installing it by itself. i’ll report back if that solves it or keeps happening. Thanks for your answer Emi, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Well, I could reproduce the Tampermonkey detected inconsistencies that indicate that your browser wiped the extension database!

and a message

is that what you get??

Because I was making some experiments, and I only got that when I added a permission to deny writing to the folder for Tampermonkey extension (dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo) in Local Extension Settings folder.

So it might be a permission/user kind of thing.

You might want to rename User Data to something else, and then let it get re-generated again or copy and paste and don’t inherit the permissions from the old User Data.

Unless you have something like BitLocker enabled and that is causing issues or something like that, then I would make sure User Data is free to write freely, because it seems to be a permission or writing issue, where the folder can’t be accessed and maybe that breaks the folder.

Just looking at the modified time and accessed time should reveal when the folder is being changed if you aren’t doing it, because unless you are making any change in the settings page or access the extension or something where you open it and interact with it, I doubt it should be writing in that folder randomly.

BTW mnojpmjdmbbfmejpflffifhffcmidifd that belongs to Brave so they can be modified more frequent so ignore it.

So make sure you troubleshoot anything that could be messing with the writing, user permission, or something like that.

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