Brave deletes browser configuration but other stuff still there

Description of the issue:
Hello, today I open the browser and noticed it looks like when you install it for the first time, the theme is white (mine was black), the default internet search tool is brave search, the main blank page have the popular sites that I open (I originally hide that bar), and the rewards, uphold wallet are not there.

But all the other stuff like my passwords, cookies, bookmarks, extensions, login sites still there, like this account when I open brave community it was already logged in, so I dont know what is happening.

I tried to connect to uphold but something weird happen after email and password when you type the autenticator number for a second the page says it will send an email to verify but automathically return to first mail and password login page, infinite loop, even if i open the uphold email asking if I tried to login it send me to the same page with the same loop.

Fortunately I do have a brave backup like a month ago but i want to be able to check if the rewards are still there before using the backup.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Not sure, tonight the browser was normal, maybe an auto update but i havent done anything myself

Brave Version: 1.50.121 Chromium: 112.0.5615.138

Finally Uphold let me access my account and all the pending and current bats are there, I will make another backup just in case. Anyway, if someone knows what cause this issue pls tell me

Hmm. I will tag @sampson to have a look into this. I have seen him actively investigating this recently.

It happened again right now, I was using the browser checking some emails, closed it, opened again and… this screen with exactly the same things from first post

Brave is already my default browser but is asking the same thing
At least this time uphold connected in the first try and once again all the bats still there

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