Brave deletes all extensions on startup (on MacOS only)

Description of the issue:

I had to restore a MacBook completely from Time Machine. Now if I start Brave it deletes all extensions immediately on start up. After starting it, it has all Extensions deleted.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Restore ~/Library/Application Support/Brave-Software/Brave-Browser from Time Machine
  2. Check …/Default/Extensions folder: Filled with a lot of sub directories
  3. Start Bravew
  4. Find it starting with no Extensions
  5. Check …/Default/Extensions again: It is empty now.
  6. Repeat the very same result after a re-install of Brave

Expected result:

Brave Version( check About Brave):

V1.23.71 (Apr 15, 2021)

Additional Information:

I have a Linux machine with Ubuntu 2020/04-LTS, running Brave V1.23.71. I can restore my profile to this machine and all Extensions (as well as all other settings) are available.

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Even if I restore the /Applications/ from the Time Machine backup I cannot get it to work.

Upon first restart, Brave shows me the following error. Where could I find more information about the backgrounds? Probably one of the extensions is broken and I could just remove that particular one?

Not that it will be much help to you but I have had exactly the same problem only it seemed to be caused by a Brave update. Especially frustrating that some of the extensions had to be manually installed rather than via the Google Play store.