Brave default ad blocker blocks control from wireless headphones

The default ad blocker of brave is somehow blocking some controls of my wireless headphones on youtube.

play and change volume works fine, but next and previous does not work at all.

Turning of the adblocker does solve the issue, but the ads in youtube are unbearable…anyway to overcome this issue?

the headphone used are sennheiser momentum 4

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.52.122

We don’t block any controls, not really possible? these are handled by the OS. Test in private window mode (no extensions)? Also another web application could be wanting access to the controls? Check which specific shield setting is causing it

I have a pair of Sony MX1000m4’s I can test with.

SImilar to Bluetooth Audio Not Working

well after putting the browser to background and focus on it again, all controls suddenly worked…nvm, tqvm for ur reply…XD

Maybe another application took priority over the controls? But good to see it working

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