Brave debited me BAT without me doing something

Brave debited me around 9 BAT out of nowhere. I have the suspicion that Brave got confused about my Balance since I have sync enabled on 2 devices and I logged in to that 2. device around that time.
brave://rewards-internals/ shows no contributions. For the other tabs I have no clue wether they are save to share, and seeing that support ask people with the same issue to DM them screenshots of those tabs I’m assuming its not safe.

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Hi @LucianD, did you verified that the auto-contribute option is disabled in all your devices?,
If you hadn’t done it already send a dm to steeven, explaining your issue with relevant screenshots.

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Yeah checked the contribution log on my 2. device and apparently, I forgot to turn off auto contribute. Oh well. Still weird that the sync is not syncing all the settings but now I know to double-check. Thanks @JohnDproof


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