Brave debited 1 BAT from my Upload account

Briefly describe your issue: 1 BAT has been debited from my Upload account without my permission

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? v1.62.162

Who is your verified custodian? Uphold

Are you in a supported region? yes

1 BAT has been debited from my account, without my permission:

Please return it IMMEDIATELY!

Never done without permission. What most likely happened based on that amount is you have Auto-Contribute enabled. Go to brave://rewards and look at your settings. If any device or profile is connected and has that turned on, you will give the 1 BAT each month.

Most certainly I did not give any permissions nor auto contribute was ever enabled:

This never happened before and I never gave permission for this contribution

Keep in mind that it just takes one profile or device that’s connected to have it enabled. A lot of times issues that have been faced by people who thought it wasn’t enabled is they had recently added a new device or they had a second profile.

One possible correction on this. Auto-Contribute is on by default. So you can’t say it was never enabled. But perhaps you just mean you turned it off and didn’t have it back on? Just trying to emphasize this as that’s where the disconnect has been from people, in thinking them forgetting they had to turn it off and then connecting another profile or device to it.

And I do apologize, one thing I missed from my initial reply for some reason (guessing I got distracted) was to say you can always try to submit a Rewards Support Ticket at on the matter as well. With that, Brave will look into it and will sometimes be able to do a one-time refund.

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