Brave Dashboard not working!

I’m using Manajro KDE Plasma and Brave-in browser version of AUR(Arch User Repo) so after installation and setting up everything. I noticed that nothing is showing up on my dashboard(new TAB) it’s just a black screen.
Before this, I was using the brave-nightly-bin and the dashboard was working on it.

I didn’t reset the browser before installing the new version of it.
How do I fix it??

Issue: Dashboard

@aveon1 - thanks for reporting! Please DM me the email linked to your account.

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I updated my browser even after that, still, nothing is showing up on the dashboard, now ads also don’t pop up and lost all my BAT from the previous one’s.

Do you mean your Creator’s dashboard? Or are you referring to your homepage?

Well it was my home dashboard, but now i fixed it by downloading older version of Brave Browser from Official repo of MANJARO KDE.
so now i got my home dashboard back and ads are showing up

But in this version of Brave, I didn’t even get any ads nor my wallet was updating maybe it was the AUR build issue.

i wanted to know that if i have estimated BAT on my nightly build and i go back to stable version will i lose all my estimated BAT? because i had 5 estimated pending BAT(nightly-build) but after going back to stable i have only 3 estimated BAT now.

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