Brave Darkens MacBookPro screen to Black

Brave was working just fine on new MacBookPro running Mojave, then I changed the Cover Photo on my Facebook account and suddenly the entire screen went black. Decided to try Command-Q, and screen went back to normal in all my other apps/browsers, even on FB.

Now every time I open Brave the screen goes black and I have to Quit.

FB seems fine in Safari and Firefox, same Cover Image.

Just changed the cover photo on FB, still screen goes black.

Did not have problem with Brave and FB until I changed the cover photo. Now it’s doing it all the time and I can’t use the Brave browser.

Tbh I’ve never encountered something lik this before. Would you mind sharing your “About Brave” information with me?

It won’t open now…

would the About Brave from this, my iPadPro, substitute?


I suspect a simple uninstall/reinstall would work. Your browsing data should remain intact as well, just make sure you don’t check the “Remove/delete/uninstall data associated with this app” (not sure if that’s exactly what it says) when you uninstall.

Additionally, to further ensure your data’s integrity, I would make a copy of the Brave Software folder, located in /Users/[YourUserNameHere]/library/application support/bravesoftware, just in case any shenanigans occur. This way, if your data is somehow removed (highly doubtful, we built Brave updates/versions with this in mind) you should be able to replace the folder it puts there with your saved copy and restore any lost data.


  1. Uninstall Brave as you would any app
  2. Re-download from our official website
  3. Relaunch, ensure that your data is where it should be

Let me know if this resolves the issue.

Turned out there was more going on than I thought, Brave is working fine now. The whole computer had shut down after a few minutes, and was hot over the battery area.

Battery had overheated, had to go through a number of old school key command resets to get it up and running again. Glad I’d purchased AppleCare.

So it wasn’t Brave, it was the MacBookPro.

Appreciate your help, too, will keep the instructions around just in case.

Best wishes,


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