Brave Criticism Thread

what do you guys think* of this?

Guessing typo and you mean “think.”

If have to narrow down responses, it’s that Brave has improved by leaps and bounds compared to the past. As always, you’re going to have haters and trolls. On top of that, nobody and nothing is perfect.

That said, to address the website you linked and some of its claims:

  • It’s outdated, coming from 2018. On top of that, it has a lot of blatant lies and manipulation of information to complain and spook people.

  • Brave has always undergone testing and ranked among the top for security. So when you see things like the claim that Brave doesn’t/didn’t stop trackers and all, especially with no evidence, you can throw that out as rubbish.

  • The spyware claim is linked to a Neocities cite, which could be created by anyone. If you go to links on bottom for their sources, a lot of it was from like 2019. Things like Whitelisting trackers for Facebook referenced where they it was done because sites broke otherwise. This was more as sites were doing things like having Users Login with Facebook and all. Since then, Brave has greatly improved on Shields where we have things like Ephemeral Storage to combat issues like that. So again, it’s twisting information in an attempt to make things sound worse than it is/was.

  • Just to clarify, on the tipping part about Tom Scott. In the past, it just showed sites and let you tip. The UI wasn’t built out as nice as it is now. As issues came up, they improved the UI to show if the person was a verified Creator and even to issue the warning that the person might not receive the tip if they don’t become a Creator. You can see the official announcement where this was added at

List can go on, but I think you get the drift.