I had signed up on uphold few months ago and linked my PC with it. I stopped using that PC and have switched to laptop but my uphold limit reached and I filled the unlinking for but to no avail. Then I saw someone posting on reddit that you can create a creators account and receive your bats there. So, I signed up for creators and tipped my bats earned from bats there. But my account got banned supposedly because I self tipped. I then mailed After a long month, they replied that my creators account cannot be un-banned. Now, I know that self tipping is aginst the rules but the BATs that I earned were purely from brave ads. I think that before closing my account you should have at least given me my 21 bats that got locked. I can give you full information about the banned cretors account but plz help me in getting those lost bats bcz I turned on brave ads just for theses rewards. I really did not know that self tipping can ban your account otherwise I wouldn’t have done that.
creators and uphold email:
Plz help someone @steeven

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You should continue your discussion through email. IMO, posting here is a disservice to the community and community support staff.

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I never intended to write here in the first place but no one there replies. Waited for so long from January until February when I wrote the first post here which you linked.

I found this while researching this topic.
A verified account says “(1. Rules against self-tipping only apply to our promotional BAT token grants. You are allowed to tip anyone (including yourself) with BAT that you earn via Brave Ads, or BAT that you self-fund with your own money.)” Source: Reddit Verified Account.

but moderators say we shouldn’t. Can I tip myself? Or can’t I send it? I didnt understand. I earn 4-5 bats with brave ads. Can i tip myself this bats? @steeven @Mattches Who is this reddit moderator. He is working on brave ?

he says that it’s completely fine if you self tip yourself provided that the tokens are not earned through grants. And I have never received token grant in my history of using brave. He seems to be the PM of brave rewards and says this but people over here say the opposite abt self-tipping. I don’t know what to say …

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I see ads and I get paid. I don’t think I mind sending this money to myself. After all, it’s not illegal. I see ads and I tip myself for Bats. Not promotion bats. I earn with ads.

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@steeven @Mattches help

Do not self-tip to your own verified Creator account. It will get your account banned. Further, if you get your account band but we still give you your funds, fraudulent actors would use this to further game the system.

Hi, I have this scenario: I live in a building and my neighbour is a Brave creator, she has a design website. I’ve not registered on brave, I only use Brave and barely receive a few ads. If I tip her will you ban her creator account? Because, as we live in the same building, we have the same public ip address, maybe you might think that we are the same person.