Brave creators account under review because of self-tippping

I signed up for brave creators because and I had some BATs from 3-4 months accumulated in my brave browser. So I tipped my youtube channel and I had some 21 BATs in my creators account . Now it says that my account review. More than 4 months of BATs accumulated by watching ads gone in a flash! I wanted to receive bats by verified uphold but it says device limit reached because I had it verified in my old pc which I don’t even use. It says I did some unusual activity but all I did was tipped my youtube channel my own hard earned bats. And I didn’t find anywhere that self tipping is banned. So please tell me how I can retrieve my 21 BATs because it takes to much time to accumulate these and then When u expect the pay they are GONE!
As my uphold device limit was reached so someone on reddit suggested that you can signup for creators and receive bats there. If you want to ensure that the BATs were genuine, I can give you the wallet IDs of the browsers from which I tipped.
All I did was I tipped myself on my youtube channel and I suspect that this is the reason for suspension. But if it was illegal I did not find anywhere that you should not do it. And if you ask me not to self tip then fine I won’t. But at least give me my 21 BATs that i accumulated in more than 4 months. I can prove that those were my hard earned BATs by sharing the wallet IDs if you want. But please return my BATs in my uphold because what I did was completely fine to earn bats i.e I watched your ads.
Ban my creators account forever if you want but plz return my BATs which were in it . THOSE WERE THE BATS which I accumulated by watching ads. I DID NOT KNOW THAT IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SELF TIP YOURSELF.

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Then you should have posted and sought out assistance here. They have ways to unlink an old wallet to free up a new space. The form is at Wallet unlinking request form

You can see more about that at Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

Though you used the word “suspect” instead of “assume,” it sounds like you’re doing the same thing. And you know what they say happens when you assume, right? lol. If they haven’t explicitly mentioned any issues, then I would suggest you reach out to them to ask. Don’t tell them what you think you did, let them tell you.

They should have told you a place to contact when they gave you a notice. But if they didn’t, I’ll refer you back to a response from Steeven not long ago.

So that’s one option and the one I highly suggest you do. The secondary if you really need might be to refer to the Terms of Service at

To quote them:

If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at

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They did give me an option to mail them which I did also. But I did not get any response from them. And thus I posted the same rant here.

I know that now and I am filling out the form. So does that mean that my previous rewards are gone forever?

All good. Just was letting you know it seems like posting here doesn’t really do anything for you. Beyond that just wanted to give you some general advice. Especially the part about not volunteering and to let them tell you why things happen. Sometimes assuming and volunteering can screw you because you end up providing information people weren’t aware.

And yeah, Brave has admitted they are short-staffed. They do the best they can, but responses sometimes take forever. I’m sure you saw the post from person saying been 2 months and no response, right? Account is under review since last 2 months (and that was 25 days ago)

Well, if they have frozen/suspended your account and that’s where the BAT is, then it will be unavailable unless/until they release it back to you. I wouldn’t be able to answer whether they will do it or even what might have been done for them to suspend your account. So I won’t make any claims or assumptions as to what might happen to your BAT.

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yeah! Now I will just wait for their reply. And thanks for the link to unlink the wallet. Now at least I have some way to receive further rewards.

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I also sent a lot of messages, no reply, please activate my account, I have been using it for 2 years and I continue to use it.

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