Brave Creator- unable to log in

I have problems with logging in to brave creator. I am not receiving an e-mail to log on.
Also my BAT has been lost somewhere but as I can see it is common problem right now due to technical issues.

It looks like our emails were blocked by your mailserver. I fixed that, can you request a new login email and try again?

It works for now but I am worry it could stop later as its keep changing for the past days.

Hello, I have problem with login to my brave creator again, and I wonder why my Bats came from someone and not from the site that I collected on the computer and the phone from what I remember I had on the phone Bats collected 12 and on computer 11 so I have a question where the rest went? Please look at the attachment I added, looking at it understands nothing. How Crypto could get uphold from membership on brave. As I said before I got 5.8 and where else? I had about 23 bat collected

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