Brave Creator Rewards not paying out?

My Brave Creator Rewards has a balance of 8.79 BAT.

Directly below that it says “Minimum balance for payout is 5 BAT”, yet it has been over two months and no statement has been generated for either March or April and no payout has been made.

The FAQ says reasons for this are either, account suspended or account on hold, but I have received no communication for either.

To replicate I waited two months before posting. I’ve tried logging in and out on my phone and desktop. I also tried linking my Uphold account again in March.

No effect.

I expected to receive the 8.79 by now.

Brave 1.22.71
Android 9/Windows 10

It last paid out in February without issue.

Edit/Update: the above BAT was finally paid on the 12th June, so four months since the last payment.

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