Brave creator program cant verify website using plugin

Hello. I just joined the creator program last week. I used the plugin to verify my two small sites with no issue last week.

This week I am trying to verify my two larger site with the plugin and I get this error

Retry Verification

Your website,, was not verified because we could not find the public file at Please make sure the file exists and is publicly available.

I emailed my host (bigscoots) who says ''That file is returning a 404 so it is not present on the server which would mean the plugin that I assume is supposed to be generating them is not doing so.

You will have to reach out to them."

Any idea what is going on? I would rather not tackle the other verification methods if I don’t have to.


Hello i use the plugin for WordPress

I used it for two sites with no problem. Now it isn’t working for my other two.

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