Brave Creator and Uphold Connect


With Brave Creator, when i want use Uphold, the error message is:
our Uphold account can’t be connected to your Brave Creators profile at this time. Your Uphold account is registered in a country that’s not currently supported for connecting to Brave Creators.

  • I am french
  • I live in France
  • My passeport is French
  • I check my uphold account : French and account validate
  • With Brave reward in brave browser, not problem

Where is the problem with Brave Creator and France ?

Thank you for you help

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There seems to be an issue with Brave Creators connections. I’m seeing a lot of posts similar to this. @SaltyBanana @Mattches @steeven @Alice2095 @Kevin_cc @Jarc-1107 any idea what’s happening ?

Same Problem and i’m french too …

Thanks for reporting. @flemarie974 can you DM me the email linked to your Uphold account? Thank you.

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Does somebody have an idea ? I also contacted Brave support but I feel like I’m reading pre-written answers and no one at Brave is taking care of the problem.
Unfortunately I have the same feeling with Huphold. I opened a ticket with them too but their answers are also automatic and no one really looks at the questions.
And it seems that many have this problem. And now even Brave Reward is impacted. No explanation, no help.

@flemarie974 did you ever DM @steeven with the information he requested?

I’d also advise you send an email to with all your information (your email, maybe a link to this topic, ticket numbers if you have any, etc).

A fix was released to resolve this issue.

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Same issues I dm him many times but he didn’t respond yet.

Hello, you should be able to connect your Uphold account now. However, although it will be connected, your channels will not appear verified until your country is supported. You can find more information here: [Action required] Changes to being a verified creator: connect a custodial account Hope that helps!

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