Brave Creator Account Not Yet Configured to Receive Contributions from Brave Users

I created a Brave Creator account. I have it set up to sync with my Gemini account. My Gemini account is verified. When I go to any of my own websites or youtube channels and tap on the brave reward button though, I get this message: “This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users. Any tips you send will remain in your wallet until they complete this process.” - There’s no documentation on what this means or what I’m supposed to do to fix this issue. I have connected my Gemini account to my Brave Creator account. I can buy and sell cryptocurrencies on Gemini. I don’t know what I’m missing here to get this to work. I tried disconnecting my Gemini account and instead using an uphold account, but that didn’t fix the issue. What do I need to do set up my account to receive contributions from brave users?


Same here. I’m all setup…gemini connected, channels added. Not sure what to do next.

Oh, I would tip you for your informative post, but… :wink:

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Are you in NY or a region that isn’t supported by Uphold? I am, and I think that is likely the issue. Not sure what the deal with regions are exactly, but I bet it has to comply with some local ordinance.

@stevenvanelk and @helsmack maybe try DMing @Mattches.
He’s currently assisting another with a similar issue as you.

Can you please try, in your dashboard, disconnecting, then reconnecting your Gemini wallet and see if this resolves the issue?

I´m having the same problem and as soon as I´ve saw the message, i´ve disconnected and reconnected to my gemini account, but the same message still appears. Just like Steven, I have everything verified and cannot see what’s the issue.

Any insight is welcomed.

I tried disconnecting and reconnecting my Gemini Wallet. This didn’t resolve the issue.

I’m in Indiana. Uphold and Gemini are both allowed here.

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Thank you for confirming. Digging into this further – appreciate your patience.

I think I misinterpreted this issue from the get go. Can you share your channel with me so that I can take a look and see if it shows up for me as verified?

It’s just my website

I guess I didn’t check any of my other websites or YouTube channels or anything… that’s just the one I was working on when I noticed the problem.

Thank you for confirming. So I believe you should be just fine – on my end, you appear as verified when I visit your site, but I do still see the message in the panel as you’ve described. This typically happens in these two cases:

  1. A custodian mismatch between creator and user.
  2. User is verified but does not have a custodian attached to the account.

I believe what is happening here is that you are encountering case #1 above. Basically what’s happening is, as it is right now, only users with unverified wallets can tip you – this is because there is a mismatch between your custodian (Gemini) and verified users custodian (Uphold). Note that we are in the process of implementing Gemini user wallets – at which point, users w/verified Gemini wallets will be able to tip you.

I do apologize for the inconvenience – I’m only just now learning about this particular issue myself. Does my explanation make sense?

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I switched my creator wallet to uphold for a day and still saw the same message. That was like a week ago. At some point will this be solved so that creators and users don’t have to have the same wallet type (or so that as a creator I can have both my uphold wallet and Gemini account connected so users can tip me no matter which thing they use)?

Yes, that is what we are working on.
If you saw that message even with an Uphold wallet then the issue may be something else entirely. There may be some propagation time at play here, which could have delayed the updated status/messaging.

Ok! Thanks for letting me know!

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