Brave creaters for blogger

Why Blogger isn’t available in Brave creators to activate tipping. It helps to reduce unwanted ads or it can use for brave suggested ads.

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We’re working on adding more sites/services that can be verified for Creators, we appreciate your patience.

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Actually for Blogger, you can use file upload verification method.

  1. Copy the contents of the “brave-rewards-verification.txt” file.

  2. Create a page on Blogger titled “brave-rewards-validation”.

  3. Select the HTML view from the editor and paste the contents of the “brave-rewards-verification.txt” file you copied into the edit field. Publish the page.

  4. From Blogger management panel the menu on the left, click “Settings”.

  5. Under “Errors and redirects,” click “Custom redirects” and then “Add”.

  6. Enter the following:
    From: /.well-known/brave-rewards-verification.txt
    To: /p/brave-rewards-verification.html
    and save.

  7. Make sure the redirect is working. (<blog-name>

  8. Returning to the verification page, click verify.

  9. Unpublish the <blog-name> page. :+1:


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