Brave crashing while running Binance


I’m an active crypto trader and i use one exchange known as Binance in which this is the only site that crashes Brave browser. Not sure what to do its only with this site.


Current windows desktop version of Brave crashes upon trying to access Happens upon loading the site, no opportunity to try dropping shields for a different result.

When I load the site in Brave on Android, it appears to behave normally.

Brave 0.22.22
rev 6303310
Muon 5.1.2
OS Release 10.0.16299
Update Channel Release
OS Architecture x64
OS Platform Microsoft Windows
Node.js 7.9.0
Brave Sync v1.4.2
libchromiumcontent 65.0.3325.181


@brobitcoin is this your issue?

@Wazowski do you have different shield settings on your laptop/desktop machine and your Android device?


Hi Lauren, thanks for looking into this.

The only obvious difference I can see is my fingerprint settings. I just tried turning browser fingerprint off as well as full-on, in each case loading blew up the browser again. Is there anything required to save those settings before opening a new tab? I made the change, new tab showed the same setting, but after crashing, the old settings were restored - so perhaps the settings didn’t take effect?

Shield settings: Laptop / Android
Ads: Block / Block
Cookies: Block 3rd party / allowed except 3rd party
***Fingerprint: Block 3rd party / On
HTTPS Everywhere: on / on
Block scripts: off / ?
Block phishing: on / ?

Location: ? / Ask first
Camera: ? / Ask first
Microphone: ? / Ask first
Notifications: ? / Ask first
Javascript: ? / Allowed
Pop-ups: ? / Blocked
Desktop mode: NA / Prefer mobile
Sound: ? / Allowed
Tracking protection mode: ? / On


It doesn’t seem to be the fingerprint setting. I tried changing the setting, restarting Brave, confirming fingerprint protection was off, and launching the site; it still crashed straightaway.


One more question - do you have strict site isolation enabled?

I haven’t reproduced yet, I’m on a mac, but maybe @sriram or @eljuno can try with a Win machine?


No, strict site isolation is disabled


@brobitcoin @Wazowski I can’t seem to reproduce the crash on both the sites on an existing profile with strict isolation enabled or on a clean profile.

Could you guys try to rename your current profile and then on a clean profile try to load the site and see if the browser crashes?


I’m happy to try, if you’ll explain how to rename my profile and create a clean one (or point me to existing directions)


You can follow the instruction from here How to backup Bookmarks and settings


This was it, it solved the problem. Thank you so much


It was cookies…turn on accept all cookies solves the log in problem. My apologies it was not crashing it was preventing me from loggin in it was crashing on Chrome. But to solve the problem with Brave turn on Cookies.


Enabling cookies doesn’t help with Southwest, still crashes as soon as you load the site.


Sriram, my apologies, I missed your reply with the link. In any case, without making changes, I just revisited the site and it’s now loading correctly. Thanks for your help!


@Wazowski thanks for the update. Will close the thread for now. you can open a new one if you still face any other issues.

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