Brave crashing when using Telegram

Brave keeps crashing when telegram is running even if brave is not running! It’s happening on both my phones android! I reinstall both and it still does it. Is kind of a Google hates Brave thing in my opinion. As all I do usually is watch crap -tube mostly but never on youtube always via a cur n paste so the commercials fanish! Any ideas??? It’s unusable really!!

Thank you for reaching out.
So are you saying that when you’re on your phone, using the Telegram app, you get a message saying that Brave has crashed? If so, would it be possible to get a screenshot of any error messages that appear?

Hi yes here it is. It only effects Brave when I start Telegram! It’s impossible to get rid off.
It’s flashed up and sometimes takes four or five presses of the ok button to close. It interferes with telegram calls too. Even if Brave is not running in the background it does it. If brave is running it’s closes it down. So I loaded up a brand new old stock android phone I have never before used and hay hoe it did it immediately! So it’s not just an issue with this phone I am using. If I choose the report button instead of ok it redirects me to Google terms and conditions and asked me to comply! Thanks for your reply let’s hope it’s fixable! I know they want everyone switched to 5g as as soon as but that ain’t happening for me!

Hi still got the same issue on two of my phones any idea what’s going on!! ?
I do seriously think it’s being done on purpose! It’s an older phone galaxy note 3 updates are all off and it only inflicts itself on telegram! Even when brave is not running it’s flashes up brave has crashed!
It’s having the desired effect of me needing a new phone if I wish to continue to run brave and telegram! PS it started when I deleted whatsapp!

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